Located 10 minutes east of Durango, this fully custom 3280 sq ft. build is located in one of Durango’s up-and-coming choice areas. This beautiful house is captivating from the outside and welcoming on the inside with elegant, industrial accents. The flooring used in the home is made up of three different hardwoods. The various shades of hardwood marvelously compliment the color palette of browns, whites, blues, and greys. Other materials used in this modern classic home consist of stucco, rusted corrugated metal, Cedar Creek mohave ledge, Montana Timber Products randwood, and steel.

During the golden hour, this masterpiece is breathtaking. Large windows allow for wonderful light that illuminates the many details that we were proud to install.

That being said, it’s the minute details of this house that show the sheer craft we considered during construction. The backsplash behind the gas range was custom made. Each tile was cut for its specific placement, making a carefully crafted design. Paired with all stainless appliances, the white granite countertops in the kitchen accentuate the wood’s beauty. Entertaining in the spacious kitchen can be casual with bar seating or more intimate in the dining room with a table spacious enough for eight guests.

The guest bathroom wall and floor tiling were modeled after subway tiling, which fits the home’s theme of contrasting colors. The loft in one of the bedrooms has a custom steel railing that adds a pleasant surprise while enhancing the home’s aesthetic and keeping the kids secure.

This home offers the ability to host intimate get-togethers and stay in with your loved ones. From the floors to ceilings, you can see why we pour our heart and soul into every home we build.

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