“After” Photos:

Remodels give us the opportunity to take an incredible foundation and turn our builders’ dreams into a homeowner’s reality. The home’s original design was deeply rooted in ’70s and ’80s interior design, but boasted an open floor plan that we took full advantage of. We may have taken the design even farther back in history for this mid-century modern remodel, but these materials make the home thoroughly contemporary. Which is good because it’s located right in downtown Durango.

Throughout the exterior, we used painted brick, cedar, standing seam metal roofing, and steel. The materials used are of the highest quality and were carefully curated for their superior ability to withstand Durango’s harsh spring showers and winter snow storms. A patio was built to extend the full length of the upper deck and gives ample room to host family gatherings or barbeques without limiting the number of guests.

Inside, the house is outfitted with custom cabinets, hardwood flooring, entry masonry, and custom quartz countertops. The master suite is complemented with custom cabinetry for the vanity, a remarkable walk-in shower, and a standalone tub that is a work of art in and of itself. Steel railings surrounding the stairwell were custom made with a lockable gate that prevents small children or animals from venturing downstairs. Updated appliances and luxurious kitchen furnishings will motivate you to improve your cooking craft. This beautiful remodel gave new life to a home in search of new character.

“Before” Photos:

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