Why Design Build?



No matter where you find yourself in the process of building a new home, the sheer volume of options may seem overwhelming. In the past, people who were interested in making a new home might hire a designer to help them put their vision to paper. Then they would bid for a contractor to put that plan into motion. But what if the contractor has a problem with what the designer has in the plans? Or the designer feels that the contractor is going too “off script”? It’s not uncommon in these situations for the two parties to conflict with one another over cost-overruns and other problems. The whole process ultimately pins the homeowner into a middleman role that costs hours on the phone, delays, and stress. However, this form of project delivery (Design-Bid-Build) has only been popular for the past 150 years.

Design-Build is not a new concept; in fact there are reported uses of it for thousands of years. It essentially takes that middleman responsibility off the homeowner’s shoulders because there is only one contract to sign. If you were to hire Frank at Classique Builders, for example, you would be hiring just one person to take on both the design and contracting work of your home. The greatest “pro” to a Design-Build contractor is value. Projects get done faster, the ultimate cost is less, and you get to work with just one person who wants to see your vision realized. It allows for more individualized attention not just during the process, but for years afterward as well.