Picking the Perfect Builder


Building a home is an emotional experience. Every decision from the exterior walls to the doorknobs for the nursery is yours to make. If you won’t settle for just any house, why would you settle for just any builder? This person will be the weaver of ideas to reality. It’s important to choose the right one.

Start by making a list of potentials. Ask friends, family, and neighbors who they’ve used in the past and how their experiences were. Do a little googling or search on Houzz.com to see who’s available in the area. Once you’ve narrowed it down, start taking these several factors into consideration:

First and foremost . . . experience. Even if the builder you are considering has 25+ years in the field, take care to find out where those years were spent. Maybe the majority of them were in commercial construction. Or perhaps they’ve been doing residential work that whole time but in a different area of the country entirely. Having someone who knows the challenges of both the industry and the region is essential.

Make sure to look through their website and flip through the portfolio. If you want a Mountain Modern home, don’t go with a builder who features mainly Beach Front properties and vice versa. You want someone who’s built something like your dream home before. Staying in their comfort zone will enable you to feel comfortable as well.

Another factor to consider is legitimacy. Check out your local Home Builder’s Association and see if the builders you’re considering are on the list. Make sure they are properly insured and licensed as some counties don’t require it. A quick internet search of the builder’s company in quotations will pull up telling results under the “news” tab in Google.

One last factor you should consider is compatibility. While the builders you interview may seem very friendly, easy to work with, and reliable at first, you want to make sure it’s not just a front. Don’t hesitate to call sub-contractors around the area who have worked with your potential new builder. What are their opinions? Take them with a grain of salt but keep track of what the majority of them say. Underwhelming responses or vague replies are definitely red flags.

Go with your gut. If something doesn’t feel right in the first place, it’ll only grow from there. Take time, do your homework, and choose wisely!