Classique Builders presents the promise of incorporating your unique personality and lifestyle into your luxury, custom, or semi-custom home. This is achieved through our one-on-one customized service, providing you with all the information, advice, and personal attention you need to feel completely comfortable with all of your decisions. We encourage you to maximize your opportunities for your new home by integrating our experience and expertise as early as possible in the design-build process. Here are examples at each step of this process.


While deciding among several lots on which to build your new home, we offer a builder’s perspective in weighing the end-results of maximized views, outdoor living experiences, and renewable energy opportunities with easily overlooked considerations including driveway approach, topography, and costs associated with each. This is the perfect time to introduce Classique Builders into your project.


Our design phase services allow the entire building team to begin from the same point of understanding. Whether you have already pre-selected your design professional, or are looking to us for design services, our design-build process allows for maximized opportunities for your new home. In order to truly make this experience specific to each client, Classique Builders not only offers in-house design services, but also maintains close working relationships with many local firms. We are thus able to cater the building team to suit our clients’ unique styles, personalities, and budgets.

After the client specific building team is identified, we facilitate communication amongst our client, the architect, engineer, interior designer, energy rater, tradesmen, and Classique Builders, to ensure that creativity blends well with the construction. We prepare a preliminary budget, revise it as the design progresses, and pinpoint the final cost. If the program and budget diverge, we give you pricing with value engineering options from which to choose. Classique Builders’ belief in honest and clear communication through this design and planning phase keeps our clients’ goals and value at the forefront.


Once the project moves beyond design and is in the construction phase, Classique Builders maintains open communication with frequent meetings and written reports to keep you informed of progress. With many of our clients residing somewhere other than Durango, we have become well adept at using today’s technology to allow them to feel connected and engaged with the progress of their home’s construction through photos, video conferences, and more.

The physical construction of our clients’ homes is completed by the talented pool of tradesmen in our community. We feel that “quality” is a generic and overused term, and prefer to tout our construction as being handcrafted, with tremendous attention to detail. From the compaction of the structural fill placed below the concrete foundation to the last brush stroke of faux finish, each detail is scrutinized and vetted by our team. This level of professionalism from everyone involved in the physical construction ensures an energy efficient and comfortable home in which to create memories for generations.


We take a pragmatic approach to promoting conservation and energy efficiency. Minimizing jobsite waste and recycling are standard practice. We make recommendations on product selections and construction methods to increase energy efficiency in ways that are noticeable in terms of your comfort in the home, as well make sense from a return on investment standpoint. Beyond energy efficiency, we can help with product selections that improve indoor air quality, live-ability and more. Classique Builders is an Energy Star partner, and owner Frank Enea is a Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders.