Curb Appeal


It’s cliché to judge a book by its cover, but what about a home? If a house looks boring, predictable, or even shabby on the outside, passersby will only think the same of the inhabitants inside. When you pick a style for your home’s exterior, you’re picking a first impression. How would you like to be seen?

Clean white stucco walls with lots of glass or natural views? Sophisticated and refined.

Large and luxurious with emphasis on common spaces like living rooms or kitchens? Outgoing and exuberant.

Or maybe you like that rustic aesthetic and want to use reclaimed wood and corrugated metal? Timeless and convivial.

While you might already have some ideas in mind, actually putting them to words may be harder than you think. Saying that you like stone walls or a “classic feel”, for example, doesn’t really narrow down your personal preference in terms of style. If you have a house in mind that could serve as inspiration, try pulling it up online to show your designer. At Classique Builders we have a good idea about what’s popular and trending in the Durango/La Plata area. Below are some of the styles you may be thinking about for your own home:

Ranch Style

– These houses are typically long and low to the ground.
– Simple floor plans with few stairs
– Can be ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped
– Low-pitched gable ends or hipped roofs
– Work well with large, sliding glass doors


Farmhouse Style

– Asymmetrical plan with dormers and gables
– Either shingle or metal roof
– Tall windows
– Wraparound porch with some Victorian detailing
– Lap siding with simple moldings and trim


Mountain Style

– Combines simple wood, brick, and stucco construction
– May have curved doorways or arched ceilings
– Rooms arranged to interact with outdoors while interior rooms are built to be cool and shady
– Courtyard, patio, or outdoor living area


Resource: Better Homes and Garden